Dante e la rosa - Art Night Venezia


Art Night Venezia 2021


From sensual love to spiritual love

700th anniversary of the death of Dante

Passages from the Divine Comedy

Music of the troubadours, music from the time of Dante

Introduction, Roberta Reeder


Adriano Iurissevich, narrator


   Simona Gatto, soprano

   Davide Gazzato, baritone, lute, bagpipes, recorder, percussion

Roberta Reeder, Artistic Director



Art Nignt, 2 October 2021 at 6 p.m.


Admission free

Info: (+39) 041 520 9562 info@ateneoveneto.org


This year the theme of ART NIGHT is DANTE. To honor this great poet, Musica Venezia will present a special multi-media event with a recitation of passages from the Divine Comedy, songs by the troubadours, and music from the time of Dante. Adriano Iurissevich will recite passsages with Francesca da Rimini, Picarda Donati and troubadours like Betran de Born and Sordello.


Usually the major part of published collections of troubadour songs are only with texts, but without the music. However, Dr. Paolo Da Col, Director of the Library of the Benedetto Marcello Conservatory, found a collection in Italy by Hendrik van der Werf and Gerald A. Bond, The Extant Troubadour Melodies —songs with the music— including those by troubadours like Daniel Arnaut and Folquest de Marselha, whom Dante meets in the Divine Comedy. Also in this concert are songs from the collection of Jean Maillard, Anthologie de Chants de Troubadours.