Carnevale di Venezia 2020: Arlecchino e Pierrot

Carnival of Venice 2020


A multi-media event with music, dance, film and recitation

dedicated to Harlequin e Pierrot


Harlequin’s Prologue "Amore"

“Pauvre Pierrot” (1891) by Emile Reynaud (animated film)

“Der kleine Harlekin” by Karlheinz Stockhausen

“The Mime” by Arthur Lourie

J.S. Bach/Paul Hindemith and other modern composers

Harlequin’s Epilogue "Amore"



Laura Rambelli, ballerina

Duo Grande Fratello:

     Davide Teodoro, clarinet

     Carlo Teodoro, cello

Massimo Pagan, actor

Roberta Reeder, artistic director



ATENEO VENETO, Campo San Fantin

Thursday, 20 February 2020 at 5 p.m.

Admission free

Info: (+39) 0415209562 -


Also this year Associazione Culturale Musica Venezia will participate in the Carnival of Venice with a special event dedicated to the theme of the Venetian Carnival, which this year is Love.

Harlequin will recite a monologue about love, followed by an animated film, “Poor Pierrot” (1891). This will be followed by music and dance. The main piece is K. Stockhausen’s “Der kleine Harlekin” (The Small Harlequin) for clarinet solo with a ballerina dressed as Harlequin. The next pieces will be by Paul Hindemith and other modern composers performed by Duo Fratello, clarinet and cello. In conclusion, in the clarinet and cello Duet “The Mime” by Arthur Lourie, Pierrot will be interpreted in dance.

The dances will be interpreted by performance artist Laura Rambelli, and the music by Duo Grande Fratello: Davide Teodoro, clarinet, and Carlo Teodoro, cello. The recitation of Harlequin’s monologues will by Massimo Pagan, a specialist in this role.

The event was conceived by Roberta Reeder, Artistic Director of Musica Venezia.