2018 10 cafe chantant

CAFÉ CHANTANT: 1915-1918

Commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of WWI

Music, poetry, satire

by Roberta Reeder and Adriano Iurissevich


Adriano Iurissevich              director, narrator

Gerardo Balestrieri              vocalist, pianist

Paola Fernandez dell’Erba  vocalist

Michele Guidi                      actor



Tuesday 6 November 2018 at 6.00 pm


Info: (+39) 041 520 9562



Music, art, poetry, and cinema recreate the joyful atmosphere of the “Belle Epoch” of the Café Chantant, in dialogue with the tragic reality of the First World War – a multi-media work based on an idea of Carlo Montanaro and the fruit of the research of Roberta Reeder, who wrote the script with Adriano Iurissevich, narrator and director. Langorous love songs and bitter anti-war songs are performed by Gerardo Balestrieri and Paola Fernandez dell’Erba, while the celebrated satirical sketches of Ettore Petrolini are revived by Michele Guidi and Marinetti’s poetry for and Ungaretti’s poems against the conflict are recited by Adriano Iurissevich. And in this way “Café Chantant: 1915-1918” depicts the evolution of the tragic reality of the First World War.


Info: www.musicavenezia.org.

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tel: (+39) 041 520 9562

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