Yiddish Songs and Tales of the Ghetto

Giovanna Bragadin,       contralto

Ulisse Trabacchin,          pianist

Emiliano De Lello,           narrator (Italian)

Roberta Reeder               narrator (English)



Campo San Fantin

Thursday 26 January 2017 at 6 p.m.

Admission free until all seats occupied

Info: (+3) 041 520 9562

Boat stop: Rialto, n°1,2; Sant’Angelo, n°1

This event presents the life of the ghetto (shtetl) of Central and Eastern Europe – moments of joy and moments of suffering, the Holocaust, but also songs of hope for the future.  The stories are by Shalom Aleichem, the most famous writer in Yiddish, but there will also be Yiddish stories by other authors.  The songs are from the Yiddish tradition by various composers, including Mordechai Gebirtig, who was killed by the Nazis during the evacuation of the Cracow ghetto.