2012 11 giovanna darcoCONCERT 
Hommage to Joan of Arc 
600° anniversary of her birth

The life of Joan of Arc in music, poetry and art of the Renaissance.
In collaboration with Alliance Française - Venice
Music by G. Dufay, J. Desprez, C. Sermisy, J. Dowland, G. Rossini, F. Liszt


4 NOVEMBER 2012 - at 6 p.m.
Sale Apollinee - Teatro la Fenice


Giovanna Bragadin, contralto
Giovanni Dell'Olivo, voice and guitar
Gianluca Geremia, lute
Davide Gazzato, lute
Alvise Seggi, bass
Gianluca Sfriso, piano
Roberta Reeder, Narrator (English)
Ilaria Pasqualetto, Narrator (Italian)


This year celebrates the 600th anniversary of the birth of Joan of Arc, who according to some saved France through divine will and according to others was the agent of the devil, a controversial historic figure who is depicted as a saint or a sinner.
To celebrate this anniversary, Association Culturale MusicaVenezia will present Hommage to Joan of Arc in collaboration with the Alliance Française of Venice, a concert which will include projections of manuscript illuminations of the 15th and 16th century and narration of salient facts of the life of the Virgin of Orleans, who saved her country after the invasion of the English.