500 years Fondaco dei Tedeschi, Venice


Ensemble MusicaVenezia
Pier Paolo Ciurlia, theorba
Carolina Putica, flute
Marija Jovanovich, spinetta


Thursday 20 November 2008 - at 6 p.m.
Lutheran Church - Campo SS Apostoli - Venezia


A Renaissance Concert celebrates 500 years of Fondaco dei Tedeschi.
Musica Venezia proudly presents a GERMAN & ITALIAN RENAISSANCE CONCERT on Thursday, November 20, celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Fondaco dei tedeschi, Venice's German cultural and commercial center. The original "fondaco", or warehouse building, was used as a commercial center, a palace, and the restricted living quarters of German merchants from the 13th century through the Napoleonic and Austrian rules. During that time, Venice fostered the Renaissance and became a city where the business of the world was transacted, and the German merchants played an important role. As savvy traders, they had their own fleet of ships laden with wine and oil lining the Grand Canal to fill the "fondaco" with their wares, and aided greatly in building a flourishing economy to sustain cultural endeavours. Currently, the building houses the Venice headquarters of the "Poste Italiane".


The concert is a tribute to the history and heritage of Germans in Venice, and the independence represented by this true Italian Renaissance landmark. The performance will feature beautiful pieces by Italian, German and Flemish Renaissance composers before 1550 including Jacob Obrecht, Andrea Gabrieli, Hans Judenkuenig, Jacob Obrecht, Adrian Willaert, and Marco Cara. The instrumental ensemble includes a talented specialist in early keyboard music, Marija Jovanovic on spinet, accomplished artist Pier Paolo Ciurlia on lute, and flautist, Carolina Putica performing preferred selections.